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These are the top 10 cigar cutters for sale

On the hunt for the best cigar cutter? The many available options make it hard to find the best cigar cutters on the market. And since a cigar cutter is vital to a good smoke, how do you pick from the best cigar cutters available?

For instance, the v-cut cigar cutter from Colibri is a good choice. It cuts cigars with ring gauges up to 60+. With the many cigar cutters on the market today, it can be hard to pick.

You’ll want a cutter with sharp blades and cuts cigars clean and with precision. A dull cutter, for most smokers, just won’t cut it. We’re sure you’ll find one of the best cigar cutters of the year perfect for you below!

10. Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter

This popular cigar cutter is designed in a unique way to be able to cut the right amount of tobacco from the head of any cigar shape or size without any guesswork. The cutter is made using brushed stainless steel and features self-sharpening double blades.

It can be used easily by new smokers as well. Simply insert the head of the cigar into the opening, hold it in the chamber and give it a cut. It handles ring gauges of up to 54. The Perfect Cigar Cutter is designed to fit well in hand during use and it’s comfortable to keep in your pocket. It functions as expected each time and we love that it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

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9. Colibri V-Cut Cutter

This cutter features a V-shaped blade that cuts from narrow to wide and offers a unique way to cut your cigar. If you’ve only used traditional cutters before, the Colibri will let you enjoy your favorite brands in a new way.

What we really loved is that this blade saves the cigar from any accidental damage. It provided our test team with a precise cut every time.

This cutter is comfortable, ergonomic, compact, powerful, and sturdy. It’s capable of cutting the thickest cigars with a precision we fell in love with. The performance is enhanced by the blade’s sharpness that we’re sure would hold up for thousands of cigars. It has a 60-ring gauge and can cut up to 7mm deep. It’s backed by a two-year warranty and is a great choice for anyone wanting to experience the V cut.

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8. Zertone Guillotine Cutter

An amazing choice for a double blade cigar cutter, this tool from Zertone helps you ensure that cigars are always cut with precision. The stainless steel blades last for a long time and are more than sharp enough to do the job. It’s compact and lightweight and lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold.

It’s actually sharp enough to cut cigars with up to 23mm diameter and fits up to 60 gauge. The two blades allowed us to cut precisely without much effort. This cigar cutter from Zertone features a classic design and excellent craftsmanship to deliver clean cut every time.

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7. The Big Easy Tobacco Co. Cutter

Next up on the list is the Quad Table cigar cutter from The Big Easy Tobacco Accessories. This elegant and durable cutter is made up of strong material with a brushed finish and we’re confident that it’ll deliver thousands of clean cuts. It provides a straight cut with its guillotine cutter and suits 52 and 60 ring gauge cigars.

We loved the brushed finish it has. This gives it an elegant look and makes it an exciting addition to any cigar enthusiast’s collection. It would also make a great gifting option. This table piece can last for years and provided us with the right cut every time.

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6. Mantello Cherry Cutter

An amazing cigar cutter from Mantello, this accessory comes in a cherry wood design (which we thought was beautiful). It features high quality stainless steel blades. You’ll be happy to know that they’re sharp enough to cut the toughest cigars. What makes this cutter special is the inclusion of dual-guillotine blades that delivered us with a smooth, precise cut every time.

It has a slick and handy design that made it comfortable to use and carry. The handles let us position our hands properly to get a clean cut out of our favorite cigars. It cuts up to 58 ring gauge cigars. It’s durable, sturdy, and is an excellent addition to any collection. Plus it would be a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys a good smoke.

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5. Galiner Cigar Cutter Lock System

Coming in at number five on this list is yet another powerful cigar cutter from Galiner. Crafted in zebra wood, the cutter has an attractive and luxurious look and is an excellent example of solid construction and amazing craftsmanship. The zebra wood body helps this cutter to stand out from your typical stainless steel design. It has a special ox horn shaped body that’s eye-catching, and its ergonomic shape gives great grip and easy handling.


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It also has a gorgeous golden switch that adds to the appearance. Its stainless steel double blade cutter features a smooth, polished edge..

A special spring-loaded lock system allows easy opening and closing with just one hand. The self-protection system prevents opening the blades by themselves when carried in pocket, which we found to be a great feature. Sharp blades give a nice, smooth, and clean cut. Finger holes on the side make it easy to operate.

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4. Mantello Zebra Wood Guillotine Cutter

Similar to the Galiner, the ergonomically designed Mantello cigar cutter looks great and functions as desired. It’s a sturdy cutter that offers a secure grip and fits nicely in your hand to achieve precise cuts. It’s also spring-loaded to facilitate effortless cutting with smooth results for years to come.

Unlike other single guillotine cutters that base power only on the pressure from fingers, this double guillotine blade cutter promises smoother cuts with less effort. It is constructed using high-quality materials that are durable and strong.

The teardrop body gives a great grip while compact design makes it easy to carry. Plus, we loved staring at the dark wood construction! To top it all off, Mantello backs this cutter with a lifetime warranty.

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3. Vertigo Victory V-Cut Cutter

This matte black stainless steel V-cut cigar cutter from Vertigo is designed to offer great value. It’s particularly targeted to those who look for budget-friendly products that deliver great quality, which is precisely what this does. This high quality cigar cutter has a stainless-steel blade that is powerful enough to cut a deep grove into the cap of a cigar with up to 62 ring gauge.

The cutter is really easy to work with and this ease of use and portability makes it an excellent purchasing choice. We successfully used it to get clean, smooth cuts every time. It can, however, cut shallow for bigger gauge cigars so keep this in mind.

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2. Colibri V-Cut Cutter – Black

Those who like V cuts in their cigar often find it difficult getting the right cutter that offers true quality. However, we feel confident in saying Colibri offers one of the best v-cut cigar cutters available. With a spring-loaded release system and ergonomic design, this particular cigar cutter makes the most difficult cuts a breeze. The cutter also offers a straight cut with a double guillotine blade on the other side. This means you can choose between cuts at any time.

This cutter works well for many different types of cigars—even those with larger gauges. The cutter is made using high-quality material and features excellent craftsmanship. Stainless steel blades are designed with an angle to be able to penetrate deeply to give a robust draw. The blade action is smooth and gave us a clean cut every time.

This cutter is a great way to enjoy the classic v-cut. The Colibri cutter is contoured for a beautiful look and is designed to fit securely in hand. The black finish looks classy and makes this cigar cutter one of the best choices.

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1. Best Cigar Cutter: Alaska Bear Double Cut Blade

The top spot on our list is rightly taken by the cutter known by many for its friendly price and superior quality. The double-cut guillotine style cutter from Alaska Bear features brushed stainless steel construction for durability and performance that’s phenomenal for the price. It’s able to cut a cigar with a ring gauge of up to 60 and and the best selling cutter sold on Amazon.

It comes with razor sharp blades that self-sharpen every time you use it. The cutter can be easily carried wherever you go without creating any bulk. It suits any type of user and will easily cut virtually any cigar. With the included gift pouch, the cutter will remain in good shape for years to come. Most user reviews report the cutter functions as expected.

Alaska Bear got the top spot in this list because of the outstanding quality it offers for a low price. While it’s not the most pretty design with the classic brushed stainless steel construction, we’re positive you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase should you decide to pick one up.

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Wrapping It Up

Looking at the benefits of these cigar cutters, it can be seen why these products are featured on our list. They’re each rated high by thousands of cigar enthusiasts on their own! Each of the products have their own features and benefits that makes them stand out from the rest.

We hope this guide helps you learn more about the options available, and helps you to prepare yourself in choosing the right cutter suiting your needs and preferences. In the end, only you can decide on the right cutter that meets your personal taste. You can be certain, however, that if you pick one of the cutters from the list above you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase.

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