Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sun Grown Review

Factory Smokes by Drew Estate—cigars that typically cost less than $3 a piece. While most sticks in this price range just aren’t good, those same stogies don’t have the Drew Estate name attached to them.

When I saw “Factory Smokes” and “Drew Estate” on the same cigar, I was immediately interested. Plus, if you do a search you’ll see they’re fairly popular online! I had to know if you could actually get a cigar in this price range that was genuinely enjoyable and pleasant. So, I went to my local cigar lounge and picked one up to see if there was anything behind the Factory Smokes.

Factory Smokes By Drew Estate (Sun Grown)

There’s More To A Cigar Than Just The Price Tag

While there are a few different Factory Smokes to choose from (Sun Grown, Sweets, Maduro, Connecticut Shade), I picked up a Sun Grown stick for this review.

When I first picked up the cigar, I could immediately tell it wasn’t some cheapo, crappy stogie. Instead, it surprised me with good construction and a firm feel in the hand. When I realized I’ve smoked $8 cigars that didn’t feel as good as this sub $3 stick, I was extremely surprised. +1 for the Drew Estate Factory Smokes!

Next came the cut and light up. My Sun Grown had a nice smell to it, and the smoke was immediately pleasant. I made sure to watch the burn as I smoked, expecting it to start canoeing and needing correction. Instead, it burned pretty evenly the whole way down which is always a welcome sight!

Each puff gave off a decent amount of smoke, but not too much. It also didn’t smoke on its own much when I set it down, something else I was not expecting from a $3 cigar. So far so good.

I would say my Factory Smokes Sun Grown was medium bodied, leaning more towards full than light. Flavor notes consisted of syrup throughout the whole cigar, along with some various spices. I found it a little harder to pull out specific flavors in this stick, but it tasted pretty good regardless.


Something else that surprised me was the feeling the smoke left in my mouth. I’ve had some cheap cigars in the past that left an uncomfortable, lingering feeling and taste in the back of my throat. That wasn’t the case with my Drew Estates Factory Smoke! Instead, the whole cigar was extremely smooth from the first puff to the last and it gave no real aftertaste.

The Factory Smokes Sun Grown truly smokes like a cigar twice its price. Pleasant flavors were there, along with an even burn and good construction. The only problem I had was the wrapper started to undo a bit about half way down the cigar.

However, when you’re spending less than $3, things like unwrapping or accidentally dropping it in the pool aren’t as bad. All in all, this was a good cigar and something I’d have no problem with getting again for a casual smoke or while I’m out working on the yard. If you’re on the hunt for something to add to your humidor that won’t break the bank, these Drew Estate Factory Smokes are a good option.





  • Extremely cheap for what you're getting
  • Decent construction, burn, and draw
  • Way better flavor than most other budget cigars


  • Short-leaf cigar
  • Wrapper issues aren't uncommon
  • Not the most distinctive flavor notes

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