Oliva Serie V Review

Oliva—the name in the cigar world known for not making a bad cigar. The true testament to this goes by the name of the Serie V. Easily one of Oliva’s most popular and recognizable names, the Oliva Serie V has become renowned in the cigar world for being an amazing smoke every time.

But, you never really know what’s been exaggerated until you try it yourself. So, I headed down to my local cigar lounge and picked myself up a beautiful Oliva Serie V for this review. Is this stogie talked about unendingly for good reason, or is it all over-hype?

How Good Is The Oliva Serie V

Here’s Why You’ll Find The Oliva Serie V In Every Smoke Shop

It all starts with the presentation. Running my fingers along the cigar, I don’t feel any soft spots or protruding bumps. It’s smooth and very well made—something we’ve come to know and expect from Oliva.

After lighting up the flavor immediately hits you, and it’s definitely full bodied. However, it’s not full bodied in a wild west, hard-to-smoke way. Rather, it’s very refined and enables just about anyone to enjoy this stick.

The first flavor note that hit me was a sweet cedar. Then, slowly, hints of spice and coffee. Finally, on the last third as we come up to the finish line, some chocolate presented itself. But don’t mistake this for a cigar that’s very distinctive in its flavors. Being a very complex smoke, it makes smoking into a game of sorts as you try to figure out what little hints of this and that you’re tasting.

Although I wasn’t surprised, the burn was incredibly even the entire way down. In fact, it got a little wacky one time but quickly corrected itself so I didn’t have to. It was also pretty slow smoking, which is something I prefer. The draw was on the tighter side, but not so much so that I couldn’t get any smoke into my mouth.


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As I got deeper and deeper into the Oliva Serie V, the more I understood why it’s been stocked in every cigar shop I’ve ever been in. It’s just an outstanding cigar! And while they’re a little more expensive than some of the competition, it’s not something I mind for the quality and flavor you’re getting with each puff.

Overall, the Oliva Serie V is just a fantastic cigar and definitely something each smoker needs to have in their humidor. Both the flavor and construction were perfect and nothing was left to be desired. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you light up, only when you realize you’ve smoked the whole cigar.


Overall score



  • Amazing, complex flavors
  • Very even burn & nice draw
  • Available all over the country
  • Perfect construction


  • A little more expensive than the competition
  • May be too full bodied for some

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